Although I am only 21 years old. I consider myself very lucky with the professional experiences I have under my belt. I feel like my course work in college has molded me into a very prolific addition to any company. Generally speaking, my background of working retail during college has also helped me be a proficient communicator. 

Below, I’d like to start with a brief podcast about my professional story, feel free to listen!

My Experience in College

I began my college career at Onondaga Community College, in Syracuse NY. I majored in Electronic Media Communication with a specialization in Digital Media. I took a a generous handfuls in all areas of media, stemming from video/audio production, sound design, graphic design, and web design. In my final semester at OCC, I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society for community colleges. I also graduated Cum Laude with my associates degree. 

  • Here is one of the projects I shot for my Video Field Production II course, it was a visual narrative, that had no dialogue.

  • A kinetic typography video using a monologue from Beyonce’s Lemonade Film, this was from my Design For Multimedia course.

As of Spring of 2018, I recently transferred to State University of New York at Oswego, majoring in Broadcasting & Mass Communication. 

Work Experience

All through out college, I have mostly worked part time in retail to make money.

I started off at Five Below during the holiday season as a seasonal associate. I was lucky and was one of the few chosen ones to remain a permanent associate. After 2 years of being with the company I was promoted to a part-time manager.

My core responsibilities included:

  • Being available to opening and closing the store
  • Keep track of store counts and funds
  • Making sure the store is properly recovered and cleaned up
  • On occasional assist with the freight team by pushing merchandise to the store

Soon afterwards, I moved to Target and became a Guest Service Team Member for them. My primary location is the service desk at the front end of the store.

My core responsibilities were:

  • Being the first face guests see when entering the store, I would greet them and offer carts or baskets.
  • Processing returns and exchanges.
  • Processing online orders for in-store pickup
  • Answering questions and try to ease guest concern
  • Back-up Guest Service Assistant (front-end supervisor) when the regular GSA is on their breaks


Besides my background with my education, and work experience. I feel like it’s important to know my interests. I use the term connoisseur very liberally when it comes to my likes. Going to school on the basis of media and creativity explains a lot about my interests. I am obsessed with all aspects of the media pretty much. Such as movies, television, video games, music, you name it. I consider myself very knowledgeable in this area. As of late, I have taken an increased interest in classic cinema, also I religiously watch Turner Classic Movies. My current obsession in the realm of video games is playing Overwatch as often as I can online with my friends. I’ve been to numerous concerts! My personal favorite artist to see is Lady Gaga, I’ve seen her four times so far.

Overall, I consider myself a very open person and I hope that if you a potential employer get a nice grasp of the type of person I am. Thank you for your time reading, watching, and listening

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