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My name is Nicholas Krasoski. My name is Nicholas Krasoski. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication. I consider myself a media connoisseur. My past experiences has prepared me for any space professionally. I have experience in all formats whether it is traditional or digital. My deliverables include copywriting, SEO, graphic design, research, event coordination, and analytics.


“I worked with Nicholas on a number of projects whilst studying at the State University of New York in Oswego. Despite only being in his undergraduate degree, Nicholas approached every task with the critical thinking and insight of a graduate student. He consistently applied himself over the length of the project. Despite a lack-luster effort from fellow team members, Nicholas’ first goal was to come alongside his team to learn together rather than leave gaps in a project. He shows maturity beyond his peers and is dedicated and hard-working, even when the project is not appealing to his own preferences. I only wish I could have worked on a project that Nicholas was passionate about, I believe he would be capable of great things when his passion and diligence are combined.” –Rachelle Hills

When I first met Nicholas Krasoski, I knew that he was someone I had to know. When you see Nick in the classroom he was never shy about asking questions and collaborating on ideas and respectfully challenging concepts, it’s honestly fantastic to watch. He always was looking for a way to improve what he was learning. When you get to work with Nick, he is always ready to help when it comes to teaching others if need be. He is always listening to other’s ideas while being kind, honest, and respectful. When given a project, he would face anything head-on and I have seen that throughout our times at university together. Nick was always ready to figure out how to optimize SEO or reduce the bounce rate on webpages we worked on. He was always the person who cared the most in the classroom. Nick would only attach his name to a project if he knew in himself that he was proud of the final product. He was always ready to unleash his passions and with that by showing a quality product and he always achieved that. When working on a website, presentation, his dedication to his passion along with his colorful creativity makes him a great asset in whatever environment you put him in. That’s what I admire the most about Nick no matter where you put him he will always bring everything he has and a little extra. – Oreal Vernon