i-D Magazine An in-depth look into the fashion magazine's web space

  What is i-D Magazine, and why did they win a Webby Award? i-D Magazine has been around since the 1980’s. The primary focus of this magazine is on fashion, art, culture, music, photography, and youth culture. the origins of i-D began as a fanzine dedicated to the street styles during the punk-era in London Continue reading

RuPaul, The Empress of Drag "In a world full of nines, be a ten!"

Start Your Engines   via GIPHY It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since one of my favorite shows, Rupaul’s Drag Race has been out. While channel surfing, I stumbled upon ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ in the channel guide on my tv. I have never heard of a show like this before. Continue reading

ReEnvisioning Japan A review of an archive of visual, and material of Japanese culture in the 20th century

The scholarly archive of ReEnvisioning Japan has two different sites. One that is the original website, and another that looks to be a refreshed more modern looking version of the project. I will often go back and forth between both sites to see if they are properly designed and meets the criteria of what their Continue reading

Mario Did Not Invent the Odyssey, Magnavox Did. The first ever video game console!

Origin The idea for a video game console can be traced back to Ralph H. Baer in 1966. He and a team comprising of Bill Harrison, and Bill Rusch started developing prototypes. After seven prototypes, lucky number seven known as the “Brown Box” was chosen by Magnavox to go into mass production. The console sold Continue reading