Colonizing Data!

River’s End Book Store is proud to present an evening with Nick Couldry & Ulises A. Mejias

In-Person and Online via Zoom

Friday, December 3rd 6pm-9pm

19 W Bridge St, Oswego, NY

Nick Couldry
A photo of Ulises A. Mejias
Ulises A. Mejias

Come attend this event and find out more about the captivating new phenomenon called “Data Colonialism” 


What is Data Colonialism?

It is an emerging order for the appropriation of human life so that data can be continuously extracted from it for profit (Couldry & Mejias, 2019).

The cover of The costs of Connection

Dr. Couldry and Dr. Mejias will host a discussion on their recent book "The Costs of Connection"
Signed copies will be available after the discussion!

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Scan the QR code or Click Here to find out more about Dr. Couldry and Dr. Mejias’s fascinating read!

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