Onondaga Community College

Here are some selected works during my time at Onondaga Community College

EMC169 Video Production I

This course introduces students to the creative aspects and fundamental technical requirements of single-camera video field production. Topics covered include the mechanics of field camera operation, location lighting and sound recording, and basic digital video editing. Aesthetic principles such as picture composition, the relationship of sound to image, continuity and visual narrative are discussed and applied. Preproduction planning and legal and copyright concerns are covered as well.

This video is a montage about OCC’s Whitney Applied Technology Center and all the departments within the building, highlighting the hustle between the Photography, Electronic Media Communication, and Computer Information Systems departments. 

EMC259: Video Production II

This course is designed to enable students to become proficient in the technical and creative aspects of advanced video field production and editing. Students analyze the concepts and techniques of visual storytelling, pacing, and sound design for video and apply them to their own short-form projects. Field camera, lighting, planning for post-production and media management are emphasized.

All video work edited using AVID Media Composer

EMC265 Sound Design and Production for Digital Media

This course is designed to introduce students to the technical and creative aspects of looped-based audio production and how it is used in different types of digital media productions. Students will analyze and create audio to be used in media projects ranging from radio programming, television/video programming, and DVDs.

ART224: Design For Multimedia

This course focuses on the aesthetic and organizational skills required for designing interactive multimedia products. The course content includes the integration of the various elements of text, artwork, photographs, sound, and motion. Topics of discussion will include user interface design, interactivity, information mapping and intuitive navigation design. 

This video is a kinetic typography short of Beyonce’s Lemonade that I worked on in the Adobe AfterEffects program