The Folx Cast

The Folx Cast

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The Folx Cast is a podcast created by graduate students discussing various topics regarding media. Each week Brendan, Nick, Alaces, Eddie, & Mitch will present expert information stemming from a variety of topics like social media. Each podcast will be made up of a specific topic based on media where two experts will present research affiliated with the episode topic to a panel. The experts will then moderate conversation based on discussion questions posed by the experts. 


New episodes every Wednesday at 4pm EST

Episode 01: Big Data and what companies collect on consumers

With Nick & Eddie

Eddie and Nick are joined by a panel to discuss Big data. The panel includes Alaces, Brendan, and Mitch. All three discuss their experiences with Big Data and whether or not they agree with corporations collecting information about them

Episode 02: Representation & Safety Amongst Individuals & Social Media

With Nick & Alaces

Alaces and Nick are joined by a panel to discuss representation and safety when using Social Media. Nick will begin talking about safety regarding the LGBQ+ community and social media. Alaces will talk about Asian representation in media. The panel is made up of Eddie, Brendan and Mitch as they discuss their experiences pertaining to representation and safety. 

Episode 03: Social Media use through the generations/Media Literacy and new technology/Whether it will be on digital natives or not.

With Brendan & Mitch

Brendan and Mitch will introduce the topic of social media use through different generations. The panel in this episode is Alaces, Eddie and Nick as they talk about their experiences regarding family members using social media.