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Bundle Up! That Goes for Your Dog Too. (Writing Example)

There have been debates between dog owners about if they should have their dogs wear jackets when they take them out for walks? A simpleton answer would be an absolute yes, the more accessories the better. But do not forget to complete the outfit with some nice dog booties.


Having a jacket for your doggo does make sense and includes a plentiful amount of benefits. Tracey Sandilands a writer for The Nest writes that small haired-hairless breeds would benefit from a jacket especially if you live in a climate where it can be drastically cold. You yourself probably do not go out in some flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt during chilly winter weather, right? So why should your cute lil hairless Chihuahua?

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Likewise, A drastic temperature change from 74 degrees heated home to 30 degrees cold tundra is not good for anyone, dog or human (Sandilands).

   Secondly, another determining factor for having your pup wear a jacket could also equate with their age. Rover.com says that a dog’s heat regulation lowers as they get older. A nice jacket will not make them only more adorable but comfortable. Dogs who are affected with hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease and arthritis can benefit greatly from nice warm fashionable outer wears. Although, bear in mind that if you are active with your pup outside a jacket may not be best for them especially breeds with thick coats like golden retrievers to huskies. Thicker haired dogs can ditch the jacket but only if they are of an older generation or they just arrived in a cold climate. Similarly, flat faced dogs like Boston terriers do not need jackets as they could overheat (Rover Staff, 2019).

    In Addition to having your dog getting being heavily complimented for how cute they look in their little outfit. A New York Times article discussed jacket-wearing dogs with Dr. Richard Goldstein, a chief medical officer at New York City’s Animal Medical Center. He says that even though not all dogs need a jacket if you decide to dress your pooch in some high fashion garb it can be a great asset to their overall warmth. You generally want to keep warm their face, mouth, and nose, because that’s where their heat evaporates. Your dog may not be a fan of wearing something in the sorts of a ski mask but do your best at least to cloak their tummy or abdomen. Now I may or may not be a proponent of dog booties but if you want too… Dr. Goldstein says that they actually protect your pup’s paws as road salt during winter can actually damage their lil beans. Subsequently, dogs actually do not lose heat through their feet as humans do (Levine, 2017).

To sum up, a jacket for your doggo will probably be both in your best interests. We at Barkbox, recommend you check out the e-commerce site Pets Go Here. For $10 you can get an affordable waterproof vinyl jacket by Guardian Gear with reflective strips if you live in a climate that includes rain. It comes in a lovely teal color with sizes ranging from XXS to XL. This jacket is outfitted with elastic leg straps and adjustable Velcro belly strap to inhabit a secure fit for your pooch.

Furthermore, it also has a drawstring hood and an opening to hook your leash to your pup. People have given Guardian Gear products near perfect reviews for their jackets citing their fit is perfect as long as you know what size for it to fit appropriately for your doggo!

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