Post-Baccalaureate Capstone


This course is designed to allow students from various media-related disciplines to explore cooperatively new interactive paradigms for communication and artistic expression made possible by new and emerging technologies. The ultimate goal of the class is to produce a set of finished projects that will be presented to faculty in the Integrated Media Certificate program. 

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“SUNY Oswego’s Student Survey on Attitudes Towards Technology is an annual survey sponsored by The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment here on campus. This website aims to tell a visual story of discoveries found from 2021’s results from the SSATT.
Every year, graduate students from different disciplines are given this survey as an asset for a collaborative capstone project related to their fields. The SSATT has gathered data about technology opinions and habits from freshmen and senior students since 2019. By continuously looking into student attitudes towards technology any changes in survey responses can be observed, analyzed, and reported.”