A Day in the Life… A first person look into my daily life.

This is a video I made that highlights my life over 48 hours. I shot it on my iPhone 7 plus so the video quality will not be cinematic quality. I used iMovie on my MacBook Pro to edit this. Although editing was different than what I am used to. I learned Avid Media Composer, and that is not an easy program to maneuver. Having that discipline I gathered from Avid, iMovie took a while to get used to. Despite the editing program used, I wished I had better equipment, like maybe a DSLR and a tripod. One major thing was having more time to compile this project. If I was given like say a week, I could probably put out a smoother looking final product. A lot of this footage was shot impromptu, and without a script. With a script, I could have a more organized trait of thought in what I want to shoot for my video.

I hope that this video will transpire is that I am a very busy person. Although the video is very amateur, I hope it hits home with my audience. I go to school full time, and in between days I have classes and such I work retail part time. I am a commuter too, which is often a 40 minute drive. I can get pretty tired, but I have to keep persevering to reach the finish line! I am hoping that part of my audience who are in a similar situation I am will be able to relate to the video.


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