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Social Media Demographics and the Facebook logout 2021

Social networking sites are a mainstay and not going away anytime soon. It is crazy how connected we are to these platforms without giving it a second thought. Based on demographics published by social media management software company, Hootsuite, Facebook is the most utilized platform.

Facebook has about 2,701 monthly active users, user accounts in the millions

Why is that a problem?

For me personally, I have had a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and as time progressed it is turning into a more hateful relationship. Over the last few months, Facebook has been in the headlines over various controversies. These controversies are hurting the platform in many ways, something the newly named Meta parent company is failing to address. 

What are these Controversies and why does it matter? According to a new movement called “The Facebook Logout“, Facebook has failed society from scandals that are linked to other companies like Cambridge Analytica where they datamined the world’s biggest social network on voter data for the 2016 US presidential election and Brexit. As well as poor content moderation and ignoring disinformation for profit. That is why I “logged out of Facebook and Instagram to try and stick it to Meta where it hurts. It is time Meta faces the consequences of its actions by allowing explicit schemes to undermine democracy and human rights. From November 10th-13th 2021 I am taking the pledge to log out of Facebook, to try and get Meta to seek the demands of this great movement. 

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