3000 Miles in 5 Minutes Time Travel is real...

On September 10th 2017, My friend Marissa and I went and saw Lady Gaga at the Wells-Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA!

A picture of my friend Marissa and I waiting in the line to purchase concert merchandise
A picture of Marissa and I waiting in the merchandise line!

Soon after the concert her and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip 3000 miles across the United States and visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Marissa and I standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon
Marissa and I suddenly at the Grand Canyon!

Just kidding, we did not teleport from Pennsylvania to Arizona that fast (It would be cool though). Actually I photoshopped us using the original image up top and an image of the Grand Canyon from Wikicommons.

What I did in Photoshop

  • I started by cropping us to the point where its just us two in the frame
  • ¬†Used the magnetic lasso tool and highlighted our silhouettes
  • Opened the Grand Canyon image in a separate window
  • Then clicked and dragged our silhouettes into the Grand Canyon
  • I shrunk ourselves a little bit to fit within the frame
  • Adjusted the brightness and contrast just a tad bit to match the light in the Grand Canyon
  • Then I used the vibrance tool as well to even up our skin tone to match the light from the Grand Canyon

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